• Startups that are providing innovative / disruptive solutions, original ideas.
  •  Startups that are primarily focusing on solving ‘Real Indian’ problems. Global scalability will be an added advantage.
  •  Startups that are trying to resolve problems that have spread and depth.
  •  Solutions should be transformational and impact the society. Preference will be given to solutions that impact massively and have huge business potential as well.
  •  Normal IT/ ITES Services such as software development, animation, computer services, BPO, ITES etc. will not be treated as a startup venture, under ‘Launchpad’.
  •  Hardware, Software, Business process innovations etc. will be considered
‘Launchpad’ can be approached at any stage, right from the stage when you are just an aspirant to the stages of discovery, ideation, prototyping, early market or even early growth.

‘Launchpad’ will be focussing on Startups from the following sectors:

  • Food and Agriculture
  • Fintech and Financial Solutions
  • Clean- tech
  • Energy Solutions
  • Health care
  • Public Transportation
  • Education
  • Creative economy
  • Water- Air
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Medical Innovation
  • Entertainment
  • Safety and Security
  • Media

You may approach ‘Launchpad’ for any startup support in your journey. Funding is just one element. ‘Launchpad’ offerings include financial support, banking partnership, solutions to help your services, mentoring, advisory in areas of discovery, ideation, business models, ecosystem connects, meet-ups & expos, incubations, workforce & workspace connects, compliance & legal, incorporation & other statutory, governance models, ongoing services etc.

You will find a friendly environment at ‘Launchpad’. Startups with deserving and genuine ventures are always welcome. You will find the services and offerings to be very start-up friendly and encouraging. However, there would be pre-qualifications before we induct a venture to ‘Launchpad’.

‘Launchpad’ also engages in evangelisation drives to point out the right direction to youth. We extend our support to colleges and schools in the process. We promote innovation and original ideas. These are encouraged through the various collegiate entrepreneurial events and campaigns which we partner to organise.

In deserving cases Federal Bank will consider equity participation and debt funding.  ‘Launchpad’ will also help the startups to meet other investors.

Apart from the business plan, ‘Launchpad’ looks at some key parameters:

  • Innovative ideas against the ‘Real Indian’ problems which have considerable growth potential.
  • Discovery of issues and its value will have more importance than the idea.
  • The quality and potential of founders and the management team is most important. A complementary management team that possesses multiple skills such as technology, sales, finance, HR etc. is considered a major asset.
  • ‘Launchpad’ seeks to add value by providing advice / mentoring and access to its  network in addition to funding and other banking services.
  • A startup which has begun to engage with the market and can provide proof of concept has a stronger proposition.
  • Failed entrepreneurs are welcome and a much higher level of learning, ambition and  determination to succeed is expected from them.

The key differentiators would be

  • Startups with original and relevant ideas against ‘Real Indian’ problems.
  • A strong and qualified founding team.
  • Innovative, unconventional thought and disruptive ideas.
The ventures have to go through five levels of selection process and will be evaluated in the following areas
  • Founding team
  • Problem which is being addressed
  • Innovativeness of the idea and it scalability and business model
  • Market for the product, maturity of the technology, financial model and
  • Valuation and the stage of the Company

You may directly walk-in to the nearest ‘Launchpad’ outlet in Kochi (Kerala), or Bangalore (Karnataka). You can also contact vide our Email or telephone – Please seethe CONNECT page for details. You can also contact the nearest Federal Bank branch for further details.

Federal Bank Launchpad Ground Floor,
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Landline: 0484-2707080

Federal Bank Launchpad
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