"But for Launchpad, we wouldn’t be in this state today where we are all set to launch Pin n Park" The MVP of PinNPark was launched about 8 months back and we had set high goals for ourselves and for launching out product. However as time moved by nothing great seemed to be happening. That is when we were introduced to Launchpad.But for Launchpad, we wouldn't be in this state today where we are all set to launch Pin n Park. When ever we came across hurdles, Launchpad provided us a helping hand to pull us back to position. It is the role and support of Launchpad that has given us confidence in keeping it going when ever we hit our low points.We are yet to see our success as we want it, however we are forever grateful to Launchpad for giving us the right opportunity at right time to launch PinNPark Sreejith, Amith Sasi Co Promotes of Pin N Park Pin N Park is a parking space aggregation and standardization service provider through which drivers can pre-book their space. The aim of Pin N Park is to provide consistent experience to its customers and all the stakeholders associated. This concept has been well tested in the market through website and web app available in Android play store. New features are being added which would make the end users life easy. The application is first of its kind in Kerala. PINNPARK Website:www.pinnpark.com Recognized among the top 10 Start Ups in the awards segment of IoT India Congress (http://iotindiacongress.com/start-up- awards/)